While wearing a hijab, I can sway and wiggle my waist – Aisha Yesufu

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The reason behind her hijab-wearing dancing performance has been revealed by Aisha Yesufu, a well-known social activist and Labour Party supporter of Peter Obi.

It was revealed that she aspired to be a singer and dancer, as she expressed her love for music and dance.

If it weren’t for the fact that Islam forbids it, Yesufu claims she would have started going clubbing once a week.

In response to an X user’s question on whether or not it was permissible to dance on stage while wearing a hijab, Yesufu claimed she could wiggle and sway her waist.

Since I notice that you are a Muslim, I will respond to you because I am in the mood to indulge you.

Both music and dancing provide me great joy. Being a singer and dancer was my dream. My waist may wiggle and sway. If it weren’t for Islam’s prohibition, I would have enjoyed going clubbing once a week as a hobby. Because he said so, Allah (SWT) knows that I don’t do it.

You won’t be dancing in this one for the video. If you’re a woman, you’ll know that one tiny thing if you come see me at my house.

We must return to the reason I am replying to you. The proximity of Allah (SWT) to me is greater than that of my own blood. He never stops being kind and gracious. No, I’m not! If I ask Allah to pardon me, he will, but if I ask Aisha, she won’t. Ultimately, I can repay my debt with the money I receive from you and a lot of other people.

Do you mind if I share the video with you?
Many of you are unaware of the complexities of Islam and the ease with which one might sully themselves to the point where they take on more sins than the original transgressor or even assist in atoning for their transgressions. In any case, if you don’t trust me, just ask someone more knowledgeable. I don’t have much to say other than to keep my mouth shut and not get involved in the personal lives of others unless they are public officials who are having an impact on people’s lives.

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