“You know my take-home pay but I don’t know yours” — Ningi slaps Akpabio, a budget analyst

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senator from Bauchi Central, Abdul Ningi, has questioned Senate President Godswill Akpabio’s income, claiming that nobody knows it.

While defending himself on Tuesday on the Senate floor against allegations of budget padding, Ningi stated.

The senator had previously claimed that N3.7 trillion was added to the 2024 budget.

The Senate Committee on Population is chaired by Ningi. Additionally, he oversees the Northern Senators Forum as its chairman.

Ningi diverted his presentation from the budget padding accusation and informed the Senate President that he is unaware of the monthly salaries of senior officers like himself (Akpabio).

According to him, there are senatorial districts with budgets as high as N120 billion in these records, while his own district only had N1.2 billion.

“Mr. President, I have data, constituency by constituency, in this budget that I have provided to you. A hundred and twenty billion, fifty billion, and thirty billion naira. Of them, a few do not even have N1 billion.

While I am unaware of your take-home salary, you are aware of mine, Mr. President. The other principal officers’ take-home salary is unknown to me.

You made available funds for the purchase of cars within the budgetary provisions, my president. Your earnings from principals officers and cars are a mystery to me, Mr. President. The profit margins for each senator’s vehicle are known to me.

People are yelling at me as I speak, and I still haven’t gotten a single vehicle.

“According to the budget provisions, Mr. President, I am actually supported by five aides, as are all senators; however, I am unaware of your staffing levels or those of the Deputy Senate President.”

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