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APPLY NOW: USA Construction Job Companies with Visa Sponsorship 2024

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For a variety of construction jobs in the Forest Lake, Minnesota area, Express Pros-Forest Lake is looking for hardworking, qualified people. Businesses in the construction industry may rely on our staffing service for all of their staffing needs.

You have found the ideal site if you are interested in learning more about the steps to take to enter the construction industry in the United States. First, we’ll go over some of the most prominent U.S. construction companies—one of which may hire you in the future—before we get into the specifics of getting a work permit or entering the country.

Applicants are required to cover the expenses associated with obtaining a Machine Readable Visa when they visit the embassy for the interview. We are unable to proceed with your application unless you pay this one-time, non-refundable charge. The current charge for a nonimmigrant visa is $160. The number of people you intend to bring along, the length of your stay, and other factors all affect the total cost of your vacation.

Many believe the American firms I will be mentioning are the world’s second-largest construction firms, right after China.

This is a list of the top US construction companies. They oversee massive infrastructure projects domestically and abroad.

Leading American Construction Firms The company Bechtel

Among American construction firms, Bechtel Group Inc. now ranks first. Engineering, construction, and project management are the core competencies of this multinational corporation.

Kiewit Worldwide, Inc.

Among the biggest and most prominent construction and engineering firms in North America, Kiewit stands out. Workers have a stake in the company and own a portion of it. Through its global network of offices and projects, it conducts business on a global scale in the US, Canada, and Australia.

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The Turner Construction Firm

When it comes to construction services, Turner is the largest firm in the world. North America is where it is headquartered. Many distinct market niches are served by the company. The company has received accolades for its ability to finish complex projects, its support of innovation, its willingness to adapt to new technologies, and the positive impact it has on its clients, workers, and community.

Turner Construction website URL:

Turner Building

No matter the market, Turner is a leading constructor. Despite having its headquarters in the Americas, this construction services provider operates on a global scale. The New York City-based construction firm has an annual revenue of over $10 billion and completes over 1,500 projects annually.

Turner Construction website URL:

Fluor is a company.

Engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, and project management are the core competencies of Fluor Corporation, one of the world’s largest organizations. Despite having its headquarters in Irvine, California, the corporation maintains a presence in over 50 countries across the globe.

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The CB&I Company, in Chicago,

Big American engineering, buying, and construction firm CB&I stands for the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. The firm’s forte is completing projects for clients in the oil and gas sector. Both The Woodlands, Texas, and The Hague, Netherlands, are home to significant administrative offices.

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The Engineering Firm of Jacobs, Inc.

Jacobs Engineering Group INC is an American construction company that provides numerous technical, professional, and building services. Consulting in the scientific and other specialist domains is also part of the package, as are all parts of building, engineering, operations, and maintenance.

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Skanska Building

If you’re looking for a construction or development company, go no further than Skanska. It operates in the commercial real estate, public-private partnership, and construction industries in North America. As an industry leader, Skanska dominates the building sector as well.

The New York Giants and the New York Jets both call MetLife Stadium home. Skanska, the construction company in charge of the project, designed and constructed it. It can accommodate 82,500 fans. Among Skanska’s many completed projects are the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, Mater Dei Hospital, MetLife Stadium, and others.

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Building Company Poole, Ltd.

The American firm Poole Construction specializes in civil, commercial, institutional, multi-family, renewable energy, and heavy industrial constructions as well as restoration of historical structures and other civil works.

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Inc. Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR)

The American firm KBR specializes in engineering, supply buying, and construction. In the past, it was a division of Halliburton. Houston, in the Lone Star State, is where you’ll find them.

Located on Cuba’s Guantánamo Bay, the massive Guantanamo Bay Naval Base houses the United States military prison known as Guantanamo Bay. KBR was one of the company’s most notable projects at the time. Additionally, KBR has been awarded numerous contracts by the US military throughout the years, including those pertaining to WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq.

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