Wike unveils new plans for Abuja, including the FCT: “We will not have public taxis on the road.”

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Officials in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are in talks with private companies to register bus and taxi companies and give them operational routes for safety reasons, according to Minister Nyesom Wike.

Additionally, the minister shared the news that the FCTA will soon start building bus terminals to service the many routes in the FCT.

This was revealed by Wike during his meeting with Pieter Leenknegt, the Belgian ambassador to Nigeria, during his Wednesday courtesy visit to the FCT Administration.

He mentioned that the project was now in the procurement stage and that work would begin once it was finished.

The construction of bus and taxi terminals is also one of our goals. Public taxis, for instance, will not be operating. According to him, you’re required to report to a specific terminal where both passengers and drivers are registered.

“These are measures we’re taking to make sure it’s decent and to combat insecurity. With God’s help, we hope to have the Bureau of Public Procurement’s approval and then start building within the next month.”

The envoy wanted to know the minister’s plans for improving the situation with cattle herding in the city center. Wike acknowledged that the matter was delicate and said that the FCT Administration, the herders, and different security agencies were all talking about it. The herders were also being educated on the need to keep their cattle away from the center of the city.

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