Kogi Assembly affirms 50 SA’s, 2 commissioner nominations

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The two commissioner nominees that the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Ahmed Usman Ododo, brought to the House of Assembly for approval have been approved.

Tuesday during the house session in Lokoja, the eighteenth assembly confirmed the commissioner nominees.

Members of the Ijumu and Omala State Constituencies, as well as Atuluku Levi Victor, were confirmed as commissioners by the sacred chamber.

The Ijumu commissioner-elect reportedly received a directive to kneel and go in observance of International Women’s Day 2013.

Dr. Adeniyi Helen Aderibigbe, who was approved on Tuesday, made a commitment to do her utmost to fulfill the current administration’s campaign promises when she spoke to editors immediately following her confirmation.

Through her perseverance and dedication, Aderibigbe promised to make Kogi State and Nigeria proud.

Innovation must be introduced first, since my ministry’s name suggests it. The situation on the ground will be reviewed. This ministry may be new, but it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary.

There is a history of such cases involving the ministry. It is our intention to investigate the current situation, conduct our own evaluation, and identify problem areas. We are willing to adapt if necessary. If it becomes necessary to reorganize, we will do so.

The innovative part of it is that it will promote scientific methods for dealing with practically any problem that exists. All problems will be thoroughly investigated, and methods will be devised to address them. The technical parts are these, in our opinion. I hope that Kogi State becomes a model for other states to follow when it comes to technical advancement,” she continued.

Kogi State’s administration has 50 new special advisers, all of whom were approved by the assembly.

Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, governor of Kogi state, has confirmed the appointments of fifty special advisors to his cabinet in a letter to the house.

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