Officials in Ekiti State have issued a warning against the willful or negligent destruction of state property

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Officials in Ekiti State have been informed that they would not stand for the willful or negligent destruction of public property.

The public authorities were also reminded to properly maintain the government-owned cars, furniture, and equipment in their possession.

While on a verification tour of various MDAs in Ado Ekiti to assess the current state of affairs in an effort to proactively curb inefficiency and promote efficient service delivery, Dr. John Ekundayo, director general of the Ekiti State Office of Transformation and Service Delivery, delivered the charge.

Reiterating the government’s commitment to providing a congenial working culture, Ekundayo noted that the exercise was designed to ensure that all MDAs are delivering in accordance with the six strategic actionable pillars of the Governor Biodun Oyebanji administration.

He emphasized that Oyebanji has spent a lot of money providing essential amenities, such as utility vehicles, office space, and furniture, to make sure that government business runs well, and he pleaded with the users to keep them secure and operate them correctly.

Careless or intentional harm to public properties would no longer be accepted, thus MDAs must devise methods to stop all leakages. He also mentioned that the government might not be able to handle all petitions simultaneously.

Ekundayo instructed government workers to treat government assets and working instruments with the same care and attention as their own, expressing his disapproval of certain public officers’ careless attitude toward them.

He assured them that the state will maintain an employee-friendly atmosphere under the Oyebanji administration, which will ensure maximum productivity. He also promised that the administration will keep providing the tools needed for success.

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