“The most challenging role I have ever had was in ‘A Tribe Called Judah.'” -Uzor Arukwe, an actor

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Actor Uzor Arukwe of Nollywood fame has said that playing the lead in “A Tribe Called Judah,” Nigeria’s highest-grossing film, was the most difficult part of his career.

One of the most difficult aspects of playing Chidoke, an Igbo businessman and money launderer in the film, according to Arukwe, was intentionally adopting the Igbo man’s accent and pronouncing the ‘R’s and ‘L’s’.

He let his followers in on the secret at a recent X platform interactive session.

“[What is the most] difficult role you have ever played?” inquired an inquisitive admirer.

“I had to deliberately swap out the L word for the R word to make it feel natural and believable,” Arukwe explained, “so I came up with the name A Tribe Called Judah.”

Funke Akindele, producer of the record-breaking picture, praised him for his great performance in the film, quoting his tweet.

You were spot on. Great job, dude. Additionally, she expressed her gratitude in her message.

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