Actor Kanayo: “If you text “seen” after receiving financial assistance, you’re ungrateful”

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Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed worry over the rise in the practice of ingratitude and stressed the need of gratitude in relationships.

Kanayo gave an example of how individuals frequently do favors but forget to express gratitude, such as when they donate money and are merely “seen” in return.

The actor stressed that silence about appreciation is the same as ingratitude while advising his followers to practice gratitude.

He emphasized that no one owes anyone anything and that being grateful encourages other people to carry out their good deeds.

“Hello, my friends, I have one question,” stated Kanayo. Why do individuals lack gratitude so much?

When you offer someone money as a favor, they accept it and contact you to let you know they were spotted. observed? Hurry up! Do you consider it to be your right? People who think like that are inheriting a mentality, and it doesn’t demonstrate gratitude.

Observation: Silenced thankfulness is spoken ingratitude. Learn to be thankful for all that someone does for you because it’s not your right.

The individual will be inspired to take on more in this way. Resolve to be thankful instead of self-centered, as no one owes you anything. Enjoy your lovely next week,” he wrote on Instagram.

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