Uzor Arukwe: Nollywood producers use social media following to cast actors

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A large number of social media followers used to be a criterion for certain Nigerian film producers when casting actors, according to popular Nollywood actor Uzor Arukwe.

The actor’s social media following, he claimed, is more important than actual acting ability when casting films.

When he was a struggling actor, the star of “A Tribe Called Judah” said that it was a “big” struggle.

Everything was quite apparent when I first started. “It was a major issue for me,” the 40-year-old actor recently told Pulse.

At one point, the focus in this field was squarely on metrics like the number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

A production company is considering hiring you and is looking at your statistics, so even though I didn’t understand it, I knew I had to accept it. Is he an actor, though? That is the one question I never stop asking.

Then then, there are those lucky folks who are also great performers; they’ve been making it big.

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