Only 2Face, Timaya, and D’banj are originals that Burna Boy respects

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The only Nigerian music business veterans that Burna Boy respects, according to the Grammy-winning musician, are Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal.

The self-proclaimed “African Giant” claims that none of these legendary figures have had any influence on his professional or personal life.

This was said by Burna Boy in response to a recent request from veteran producer ID Cabasa to Nigerian vocalists, who were urged to honor icons.

“The only OGs who have impacted my life; number one, Timaya, because he is the one who showed me that achieving stardom was possible,” he informed his followers during a recent Instagram live session. No matter what happens, he has my utmost regard.

“D’banj was there for me when I needed him, too. The video for “Wan Da Mo” was purchased by him. Neither of these folks is someone I make light of.

It’s not that n*ggas are disrespectful; rather, we remember only the folks we encountered at our darkest hours because of all the hardships we’ve endured. Gary Gaaga is well-liked. At that time, he was there for me. So, they are the kind of folks I will always hold in high esteem.

Based on their musicality and the fact that 2Face performed a feature with me when he wasn’t required to back in the day, those names are the only ones that come to mind when I think of OGs, along with 2Face. Based on my understanding, these are the originals.

In my eyes, no one else can be considered an OG. You may meet Olamide and be his original groupie if you want to, ID Cabasa [laughs]. Because of our unique experiences and perspectives, we all view the world in various ways.

I also can’t let go of Wande Coal. We were really near there once.

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