“Tinubu is attempting to become hero through backdoor,” says comedian Efe Warri Boy in reference to the national anthem

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In response to the return of “Nigeria, we hail thee,” the former national anthem of Nigeria, popular comedian Efe Warri Boy has spoken out.

The comic claims that President Bola Tinubu is trying to become a hero through the “backdoor” by reintroducing the old anthem as part of his administration’s efforts to salvage a disastrous tenure in office.

This was expressed in a video message that he just released on Instagram.

According to him, President Bola Tinubu’s attempts to win over Nigerians have been unsuccessful. By altering the national anthem, he hopes to get hero status in a roundabout way [laughs].

He ought to have sought counsel on matters of governance from Alex Otti, the governor of Abia State. This government is transparent about everything.

There is no backdoor to heroism. Demonstrate the structure, please. It seems like you’d like to be known for your decision to alter the national anthem.

People of Nigeria were entitled to better. Things are becoming worse throughout the country. The president’s actions demonstrate his lack of competence.

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