‘The guy who wouldn’t date me because I lost my mother when I was little.’ Famous actress Ms. DSF

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Dorcas Shola Fapson, better known as Ms. DSF, is a media personality and actress in Nigerian cinema. She has spoken about a man who rejected her after learning that she had a mother she lost when she was young.

According to her recollection, he informed her that he was incompatible with anyone who had not grown up in “a two-parent household.”

Tolanibaj, an actress, and Moet Abebe, a reality personality, co-host the Bahd and Boujee Podcast, which recently featured Ms. DSF.

When she informed a guy she had lost her mother when she was a youngster, he declared he could never date her, which she described as the most bizarre thing anybody had ever said to her.

He stated his inability to date someone who did not grow up in a home with both parents. I get it, but might it have saved my mom’s life? Am I to blame for that?”

Moet Abebe, one of the hosts, shared that she had been through something similar.

Someone else has told me that previously, so I understand. Reason being, he, too, was brought up by a single mom. So, he claims he was against having a child with someone who had a similar background.

That was his justification, but Abebe didn’t believe it was good enough.

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