Strange sickness strikes Zamfara, killing thirteen people

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Strange sickness has sprung out in various towns in Zamfara State, and thirteen people have been reported deceased as a result.

According to what 460PLAY has learned, the sickness primarily impacts females and children.

There were 505 confirmed cases in the state’s Maradun, Shinkafi, and Gusau LGAs, according to our source. These numbers were compiled from data collected by hospitals and the government.

According to the source, the sickness initially appeared in Tsibiri village in Maradun LGA in February of this year, and since then, it has spread to Isa and Zurmi LGAs in Sokoto and Zamfara states, respectively.

According to him, Tsibiri has been fighting the illness ever since. Complications have sent 10 patients to Gusau’s Shehu Shagari Disease Control Centre, and as of Sunday, May 12, 2024, there have been 4 documented fatalities out of 228 cases.

The majority of patients who experienced mild issues have been treated and released from the Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) in Tsibiri, he continued.

In Shinkafi LGA, he reported that the disease was first identified in Galadi village in April after people complained of high fever and abdominal problems. He also mentioned that a medical staff member at the Shinkafi PHC confirmed six deaths out of more than 100 cases, and that more than 60 patients with serious complications were sent to the Shehu Shagari Disease Control Centre.

With new cases popping up in nearby areas, he expressed worry about the disease’s spread and pleaded with the governments of Sokoto and Zamfara states to send more doctors to the areas hit by the outbreak so it doesn’t spread further.

Although the disease had not yet infected Maradun town, he voiced concern that the government should take proactive steps to stop it from spreading. He highlighted that the persistent banditry posed an additional threat and that the Maradun General Hospital was particularly at risk because of its closeness to the bandits’ hideout.

According to Salisu, this kind of situation might make people afraid to seek medical help for fear that the bandits will strike.

Maradun, Shinkafi, and Gusau LGAs were previously acknowledged by the Zamfara State Government to have been hit by the peculiar illness.

Contaminated water intake causes abdominal distention, fluid buildup, enlarged liver and spleen, fever, and weakness, according to Aisha Anka, the state’s Commissioner for Health.

She said that the state administration had notified the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) about the event and was taking immediate steps to discover what was causing the epidemic and stop it.

Laboratory results were transmitted to labs in Abuja and Lagos, she said.

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