The government of Kano dispels measles fears

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There has been no confirmed case of measles in the Kano Municipal Local Government Area, according to the Kano State Ministry of Health.

The director of public health and disease control for the ministry, Dr. Imam Wada Bello, strongly denied the report in a statement.

According to IBOMLEAKNEWS, officials in Kano State’s Kano Municipal Local Government Council have confirmed a measles epidemic in several areas of the LGA.

During an emergency readiness committee meeting at the local government secretariat, Aliyu Jinjiri Kiru, the area’s primary health care coordinator, revealed this.

However, Imam refuted the claim, explaining that there are specific processes and indicators taken into account prior to the declaration of an outbreak. These include laboratory investigations and tests, evaluation of the disease’s severity, and the quantity of individuals impacted.

“None of these procedures have been carried out to warrant the declaration of measles outbreak.” he stated regarding the Kano Municipal LGA.

He begged the public to ignore the report because it was unsupported by clinical or empirical data.

The ministry is taking all necessary steps to contain the consequences of all public diseases that wreak havoc on the lives of the people, as assured in the statement.

In a joint effort with key stakeholders, he stressed that the ministry and the Emergency Preparedness Response (EPR) of its 44 LGAs are ready to react swiftly to epidemics.

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