Plateau administration will limit truck and animal traffic in downtown area

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In an effort to alleviate congestion in the city center, the Plateau State Government has stated on Tuesday that it will soon impose restrictions on the movement of trucks, animals, and others within the Jos-Bukuru metropolis.

It further stated that offenders will be subject to severe punishments, such as fines and vehicle impoundment, for traffic law violations.

This was revealed during a press briefing in Jos Plateau State by Arc. Hart Bankat, general manager of the Jos Metropolitan Development Board.

“Congestion and safety hazards in our cities have been compounded by the increase in vehicular traffic and the haphazard construction of buildings, as you are aware, due to the growing population in Plateau State,” he stated.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang has issued Executive Order No. 003, 2024, to solve these concerns and ensure the sustainable development of our state.

He asserted that the purpose of the executive order is to control the building process and traffic patterns in Plateau State.

This edict mandates that all new construction projects adhere to all applicable building codes and regulations and get all required permits. According to his explanation, any building that is not approved would be destroyed in compliance with the law.

In addition, the directive seeks to improve traffic flow by establishing parking spots, traffic signals, and road signage as part of its traffic management initiatives.

He emphasized that there would be severe consequences for those who disobey traffic laws, such as fines and the repossession of their vehicles.

It is our firm belief that this executive order, if strictly enforced, will lead to a more secure and well-organized cityscape for all of Plateau State’s inhabitants.

“We sincerely hope that all residents will comply with the directives of Executive Order No. 003, 2024,” Bankat emphasized.

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