Enugu: Concerned Citizens: No Igweship squabble in Ogugu Community

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A media report has cast doubt on the legitimacy of the community’s election, which resulted in Chief Aloysius Chidozie Ogbonna, Jnr. being elected as their Igwe. This has dismayed the Concerned Citizens of Ogugu village in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The new monarch of the village, Ogbonna, was chosen with 867 votes, according to DAILY POST, while Chief Egbo Godwin garnered 363 votes.

Nonetheless, after five months, a group of anonymous people released a declaration rejecting the election.

Responding, the worried citizens—Chief Egbo Silas as national coordinator and Sebastine Okolie as secretary—issued a statement urging the media to avoid being manipulated into spreading falsehoods about their community.

The recent election process in Ogugu was praised for its openness, equity, and trustworthiness.

They went on to say that Chief Aloysius Chidozie Ogbonna Jnr., the newly elected Igwe, is an honest and trustworthy man, and that the criteria for his election were his qualifications and the rules that govern the Ogugu Igwe institution.

The Concerned Citizens also lauded Chief Ogbonna for his leadership, highlighting his vision for a unified and thriving Ogugu, his unfaltering dedication to the community’s welfare, and his commitment to maintaining traditional values.

Chief Ogbonna won with 867 votes, while Chief Egbo Godwin came in second with 363. This information was shared by the group.

“This tremendous community backing,” they stated, “even more confirms Chief Ogbonna’s extensive renown and recommendation.”

“Ogugu Community—Clarification on Misleading Information” is the subject of the statement.

Amidst recent false information, we, the Concerned Citizens of Ogugu (CCO), feel obligated to publish this press statement in order to correct the record.

Names like Chief Ikenna Akubueze and Mazi Paul Chiako are completely made up and don’t relate to what’s happening in our neighborhood. Those who are against Ogugu’s progress and tranquility have made up these names and are spreading them.

It must be stressed that the recent Ogugu election was held in an open, honest, fair, and trustworthy fashion.

Mr. Alloysius Ogbonna Jr., the incoming Igwe, has a character that exudes honesty and uprightness. The Igwe institution in Ogugu selected him on the basis of his merit and his commitment to following the constitution’s stated rules.

On a related note, Chief Aloysius Chidozie Ogbonna Jr.’s charisma and leadership have won over the hearts of Ogugu’s residents.

Chief Ogbonna has a reputation for always looking out for the people of Ogugu, for being steadfast in his belief in traditional values and for working tirelessly to ensure that the community thrives.

The respect and admiration of his fellow people has been earned by his extraordinary leadership qualities, which he has displayed in many positions.

Chief Ogbonna’s astounding support from the community was on full display in the latest election that took place on January 14, 2024, when he won with 867 votes.

Chief Ogbonna’s enormous popularity and endorsement were further confirmed by the 363 votes cast for Chief Egbo Godwin, his opponent.

We would want to express our deepest gratitude to the Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, for his prompt action in breaking the deadlock in Ogugu’s leadership.

His dedication to ending a 24-year deadlock and establishing stability in our town is admirable, and it has opened the door to growth and improvement.

We, the undersigned inhabitants of Ogugu who care profoundly about the future of our town, want everyone who has a stake in our community’s success to come together and support Chief Aloysius Chidozie Ogbonna, Jnr.

We shall keep working relentlessly for Ogugu’s success and will never waver in our commitment to preserving the traditions and values that make it unique.

We want the people responsible for spreading this falsehood to publicly reveal who they are. During the 2023 Enugu State gubernatorial elections, these same persons tried to undermine Barrister Peter Ndubuisi Mbah by spreading false information, but they failed miserably.

Our community has chosen to progress, thus their tactics will not work anymore. All they want is a never-ending catastrophe, and we will not be used in their name.

We assert once again that chief Egbo Silas, a resident of Uhuahu Ogugu, and the other members of the Concerned Citizens of Ogugu (CCO) constitute the only governing body of the organization.

“The Ogugu Ntu-egbenese Community is fortunate to have an incoming traditional ruler with an impressive record of success on a global scale.”

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