The hush-money case has found Donald Trump guilty

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Ex-President Trump was convicted guilty of election fraud by a New York jury for fabricating company documents.

As a result of this landmark ruling, Trump becomes the first sitting US president to face criminal charges.

On all thirty-four charges, he was found guilty. No decision could be made without unanimous consent.

Sentence for Trump has been rescheduled until July 11.

Trump blasted the conviction as a “disgrace” and said he is “a very innocent man” while addressing the crowd outside the courtroom.

He went on to say that the judge was “conflicted” and “should never have been allowed to try this case,” and that the trial was “rigged.”

In the days leading up to the 2016 election, Trump was involved in a plot to conceal “hush money” payments made to a porn star in order to quiet them.

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