Unparalleled hospitality at “The Delborough Lagos” — Prince Harry

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Joined by distinguished Nigerians for a luncheon at ‘The Delborough Lagos’ on Sunday afternoon, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, expressed his delight, saying, “The hospitality at ‘The Delborough Lagos’ is second to none.”

“The Delborough Lagos’ attention to details is empirical,” Meghan said, adding that she had complimented the Duke and Duchess.

The pair was really excited about their trip and couldn’t wait to immerse themselves in Nigerian culture.

We are thrilled to investigate Nigeria’s illustrious history and culture, Harry declared.

“It is an honor to interact with the dynamic Nigerian community,” Meghan remarked.

At the hotel, they were greeted with a vibrant cultural performance, which they much enjoyed.

‘The Delborough Lagos’ owner and Nigerian businessman Dr. Uzochukwu Stanley met with Harry and Meghan in Abuja on Saturday.

During their three-day tour to Nigeria, the royal couple is promoting the Invictus Games.

On Saturday, Prince Harry played seated volleyball with veterans of the Nigerian Army, the majority of whom had suffered injuries while fighting the Islamist insurgency in the nation.

An exhibition match between Harry’s yellow squad and one commanded by Gen. Christopher Musa, chief of defense staff of Nigeria, took place at an Officer’s Mess facility in Abuja.

On their first official visit to Nigeria, the Duke and Duchess visited the Lightway Academy—a school that trains young girls impacted by Nigerian conflicts—and met with military officers.

The academy receives funding from the Duke and Duchess’s Archewell Foundation. The trio is in the country for three days at the invitation of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

The pair were greeted by a dance group and an enthusiastic audience of Abuja schoolchildren and faculty as they began a first mental health conference hosted by a nearby nonprofit organization, GEANCO, which collaborates with their Foundation.

“Those are some seriously impressive dance moves!” “Meghan,” she stated. “It was a thrill for my husband to leap!”

Students then showed them the robot vehicles they had constructed when they visited their classes to engage with them.

Archie and Lilibet, their own children, were the subjects of their talk to the pupils on mental health.

There is a stigma associated with mental health in certain parts of the world.

“Most people would rather not discuss it,” Harry remarked. “So will you assure us that from this day forward, we will not have to worry about our mental health?”

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