Relocation of Service Chiefs to Kaduna and Borno—Adeyanju to Tinubu—Regarding Kidnappings

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On Saturday, Deji Adeyanju, a human rights lawyer and convener of Concerned Nigerians, urged President Bola Tinubu to order all military commanders to move to Borno and Kaduna, the states where bandits kidnapped 800 women and children in the past week.

Yesterday, terrorists invaded a mosque in Kaduna, killing several innocent people. Adeyanju made the call while denouncing the attack.

“The kidnapping of approximately 800 children and women is a horrific crime that is entirely unacceptable,” Adeyanju stated in a statement he signed. The security situation in Nigeria, especially in the north, is getting worse, and this unfortunate event serves as a reminder of that.

The lives of these young ladies and students are in danger, so we must act quickly and decisively to ensure their release.

We believe that sending the Service Chiefs to Borno and Kaduna states will show how seriously the government takes the security of its people.

The impacted community will feel reassured, and it will be a symbol of our determination to stop these terrorist attacks.

Also, until we see real results in freeing the kidnapped ladies and students, I don’t think the Service Chiefs should go back to Abuja. By taking this step, we can guarantee that the matter will get the most focus and resources needed to be resolved quickly.

Combating terrorism and insecurity, as Adeyanju himself admitted, is no easy feat.

Still, he stressed the need of the government showing its steadfast will to safeguarding the lives and welfare of its residents.

“He demanded that President Tinubu immediately act and use all available means to ensure the safe return of the kidnapped women and students and to establish national peace and security.”

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