The UNIOSUN administration denies reports of abduction, assault, and murder on university grounds

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Claims of abduction, sexual assault, and murder on campus have been denied by Osun State University, UNIOSUN, as baseless, malicious, and unfounded.

Ademola Adesoji, a representative of UNIOSUN, issued a statement on Sunday denying the rumours that had been circulating in an audio message and revealing that the university had taken strong precautions to ensure the safety of its students, employees, and visitors.

Adesoji said that there has been no recurring incident of security breach on campus, reiterating the university’s dedication to safety.

Additionally, he reassured everyone with a stake in UNIOSUN—students, faculty, and parents—that the institution had taken all precaution to keep everyone safe.

Rest assured, we are fully committed to ensuring the safety of all those involved, including parents, staff, students, and stakeholders. No kidnappings, rapes, or murders have been documented on university grounds.

Our university community’s safety and well-being are our utmost concerns, and we appreciate that rumors like this might create anxiety. So far, our Osogbo Campus has not been the scene of any banditry or robbery.

Every member of our security staff has undergone rigorous training, and they all work closely together with the police, Amotekun, DSS, and civil defense teams in their respective communities.

The university’s campus, residential halls, and nearby regions are patrolled by security officers on a daily basis to maintain a safe and secure environment, he noted.

Additionally, he cautioned the campus community against disseminating rumors that have not been confirmed and might lead to unwarranted fear.

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