We have implemented new strategies to combat maritime piracy in the waterways of Akwa Ibom – Navy

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The command has implemented measures to curb the prevalence of maritime piracy, according to Commodore Martins Fakrogha, commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS Jubilee, located in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State.

Among the ideas that Fakrogha discussed with the state’s leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalists during their courtesy visit was the provision of escorts and patrols for ships engaging in lawful maritime commerce.

Still others are in continual contact with fishermen to glean information about the whereabouts of the pirates and are conducting stop-and-search operations on the waterways to ascertain the activities of each vessel.

To further safeguard coastal residents and businesses, he said that the administration of Akwa Ibom State was developing a marine tax force.

He explained that they assist ships engaged in maritime commerce by means of escorts and patrols. In addition, we use stop-and-search operations along the rivers to identify the purpose of each vessel. In order to find out what’s going on at sea, we have conversations with ship and boat owners. We talk to them to find out whether there are any pirates in the area.

In order to safeguard those engaged in lawful economic activities, the state government is also devising a maritime tax force, which will benefit the fishermen. In order to ensure that the fishermen carry out their regular tasks, you will notice that we are now more visible at sea or along our shore.

The command is carrying out the Chief of Naval Staff’s orders to clean up the waterways, Fakrogha said, warning pirates to stay away from the state or else they would be punished severely.

Please be cautious, because there is a new sheriff in town, I would want to inform them. They will face legal consequences if I apprehend them. No one can get us to accept their nonsense. Whoever is providing them with support will likewise face the full force of the law. The Chief of Naval Staff has informed us that he would not abide by any type of criminality in our waters, thus this comes as an order from him. He spoke.

In his previous role as Vice Chairman of the Correspondents’ Chapel, Isaiah Eka informed the Commander that the purpose of the visit was to allow members to get to know him better and to encourage a strong working relationship in his new role as Commander of NNS, Ikot Abasi.

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