The deposed Emir of Kano receives military protection following an arrest warrant

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Upon his arrival in Kano State, the recently deposed Emir Aminu Ado Bayero was taken to the Nasarawa Emir’s Rest House, where a large contingent of military men is stationed.

The LEAKNEWS reporter who witnessed the large military contingent knows that they are providing additional protection following Governor Abba Yusuf’s arrest order for the ousted Emir.

The deposed Emir has disobeyed Governor Yusuf’s demands to leave the state and his seat within the past two days, thus the governor has ordered the security forces to apprehend and imprison him immediately.

In the Nasarawa Emir’s Rest House, where the deposed Emir Bayero is currently residing, a large number of combined security personnel were observed at the door.

As a result, tensions in the state have increased.

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