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The creation of state police in Nigeria has been met with criticism by the Indigenous People of Biafra, also known as IPOB.

According to IPOB spokesman Emma Powerful, regional policing is still the best way to deal with security issues.

In a statement he signed, Powerful claimed that governors who support terrorism will be able to use the establishment of state police to make their states more welcoming to criminals and terrorists.

In response to the Federal Government of Nigeria’s recent decision to form State Police in the country, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement, headed by the great and unstoppable Nnamdi Kanu, has reportedly declared the move a fruitless endeavor, as reported by Powerful.

But IPOB is for the establishment of Regional Police rather than State Police.

The goal of a federal government led by the APC in establishing state police forces is to unite all the states under their banner. The goal is not to reduce insurgency and security threats in the nation. The people of Nigeria ought to “shine their eyes.”

Instead of establishing State Police, Tinubu’s administration should build Regional Police if they are serious about reducing the insurgency and insecurity plaguing the nation.

When dealing with security issues, no state government can do it without the help of its neighbors. Also, governors who support terrorism can use the establishment of state police to make their states a sanctuary for violent offenders and terrorists.

However, this kind of thing can be prevented by a command of the Regional Police. Lastly, even without complete control over the security forces, many of Nigeria’s governors today act like tyrants. Their actions, if given control of the Nigeria Police Force or any other corrupt and homicidal security force, are easily imaginable.

“The establishment of Regional Police Commands is a constitutionally-guaranteed power of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the National Assembly.

It is only fair that the six regions of Nigeria, as recognized in the constitution, have the legal authority to form their own police commands.

“This Regional Police Command ought to be made up of native officers hailing from the area, and they ought to be accountable to the Regional Governance Structure, which comprises the governors’ forum and other influential figures and stakeholders in the region.”

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