Pope Junior: Blogger accused of libeling businessman to face prosecution The electronic money

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Stanley, a blogger, will face charges for allegedly smearing the reputation of businessman Mr. Emeka Okonkwo, better known by his stage name E-Money, according to SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the police spokesperson in Lagos State.

This was revealed by Hundeyin on Monday as he led the suspect past reporters at the command headquarters in Ikeja.

According to the picture creator, the 24-year-old suspect was apprehended in Uromi, Edo, after a crack team of the command sprang into action for investigation in response to a plea from E-Money on the obscene video.

His actions were criminal in character, and as a result, he will face prosecution. He will face prosecution for allegedly defaming E-Money.

We did not bring charges against the suspect because of the celebrity involved; rather, we did so after conducting an investigation into the allegations and apprehending him.

This does not operate if the victim of defamation merely discusses the incident on social media without first reporting it to the authorities. If you want it handled by the police, he advised going to any of the divisions, area commands, or headquarters.

Hundeyin cautioned social media users not to hurt others with their posts, emphasizing that they may face consequences if anybody considered their reports objectionable.

He emphasized that there are repercussions for every conduct and promised that the police would expose the perpetrator as soon as a complaint from an eager complainant ready to press charges reached the public.

On the margins of the procession, the suspect spoke with reporters and revealed that he had made the video in question in order to increase the number of people who followed his page.

What he mentioned about E-Money in the video, he added, was completely false.

“I covered E-Money in a video I made. The cops detained me because I mentioned several things in the video that were not true.

Regarding a woman’s video I watched online, I made a statement blaming Sir E-Money for the events surrounding the case of Nollywood actor John Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope.

Something along such lines was mentioned by me. I also said that Sir E-Money was involved with Junior Pope’s wife. The term “E-Money” has never been used by me. Those claims I made in the video are completely false.

To be honest, I never expected the video to go viral the way it did; I just wanted more people to see my page. My goal is not to bring disrepute onto Sir E-Money. When I began filming the video, I had no idea it would become so popular.

It was foolish of me to make the video that I did. He expressed uncertainty about the video’s potential to develop to such a degree.

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