Socrates of the Nigerian Supreme Court was my father, Justice Oputa — Charly Boy

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The late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa was like the Socrates of the Nigerian Supreme Court, according to his son, the maverick musician Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy.

In honor of Justice Oputa’s tenth anniversary, Charly Boy made the comment.

The seasoned performer reflected on a time when he and his late father were competitors.

Ten years have elapsed since the death of the Socrates of the Nigerian Supreme Court, according to a post by Charly Boy on X.

He was an extraordinary man who brought our wonderful family closer together, and we are much stronger because of him.

To the brave father who dared to bring up a son like Charlyboy, here’s to you.

In his role as a father, he shone brightly. He treated his home like a courtroom for romantic disputes.

He presided over the court as Socrates. His assessments were really deep.

I got caught in a mad dash of rivalry with my own father while I was starting to create the “Charlyboy” brand.

It was as if I weren’t uniquely gifted; no one ever ceased praising his exceptional qualities.

Living a modest life, being satisfied, remaining humble, and keeping one’s family together are all things I picked up from dad.

You and all you stood for are remembered today. Rest in peace, my beloved father. Your faith in my dream means the world to me.

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