“I don’t regret divorcing,” Sheila, the ex-wife of Israel DMW said

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Sheila, the artist Davido’s former wife, has stated she has no regrets about calling it quits on her marriage to Israel Afeare, also known as Israel DMW, the singer’s logistics manager.

In a recent podcast conversation with her friend Ginika, she made this claim. On Wednesday, a tape of the interview went viral on social media.

Sheila did, however, acknowledge that her ex-husband “hurt” her by including her mother and friend in their divorcing story.

“I didn’t regret a single choice I made since everything that happened was inevitable. She declared, “I firmly believe that God is in control of everything that occurs in our lives, whether it be good or bad. There is a master planner behind everything.”

Still, I’ve had my share of melancholy. I feel terrible about everything, especially the way my mother and friend were forced to participate in our divorce. I’m hurt by that. However, I normally don’t regret anything.

According to the IBOMLEAKNEWS, Israel and Sheila were married on October 20, 2022, in Benin City during a customary ceremony.

But just eight months after their opulent wedding, the couple called it quits due to accusations of adultery and domestic abuse made by both sides.

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