Pastor Giwa warns Tinubu that he made a mistake during the inauguration and that he should scrap the 1999 constitution

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In light of President Bola Tinubu’s blunder in eliminating gasoline subsidies at his inauguration, Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of the ministry waiting for the return of Christ, has revealed a solution.

According to Pastor Giwa, Tinubu can take a public vow to rectify his error and make preparations to mitigate the impact of the gasoline subsidy cut.

A single statement from the president, he said, will address the majority of Nigerians’ concerns.

It will take me a single day to fix all of Nigeria’s issues, the preacher told LEAKNEWS. A president’s statement can have far-reaching effects, both good and bad.

As an example, consider Tinubu’s announcement on the day of his inauguration that subsidies will be eliminated. In the blink of an eye, he announced the end of gasoline subsidies, and the nation’s economy has never been the same.

Since Tinubu’s actions have had an impact on the country’s economy thus far, I don’t see his turning things around.

It was a foolish move on Tinubu’s part to eliminate gasoline subsidies before his inauguration without providing for Nigerians. Just how many refineries are in our fleet? What percentage are operational?

“The current challenges that Nigerians are experiencing as a result of the subsidy reduction should not have been announced until all these things were in place. The recent events in Ondo serve as an example of the APC’s fondness for lying.

At this time, nothing we say, do, or pray can help Nigeria overcome her current problems unless God, in his infinite mercy, permits the event that would remake and reconstruct Nigeria.

The continuance of the APC in the presidency will not yield any favorable benefits, as I stated before the presidential election. It’s unfortunate that we are forced to endure this again following the challenges our nation faced before to Tinubu’s ascension to power.

Giwa urged Tinubu to reorganize Nigeria and do away with the constitution that was passed in 1999.

In order to reorganize Nigeria and repeal the Constitution of 1999, what are the necessary steps? How can Nigeria be a functional nation?

Unless you count yourself among the prophets, pastors, or seers, you can see that the APC isn’t trying to fix Nigeria. Lies and dishonesty are something they take pleasure in.

Additionally, he expressed his hope that when Tinubu’s term ends, Nigerians will not compare Buhari’s administration to that of Tinubu.

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