Mohbad’s kid must undergo DNA testing prior to the singer’s funeral – Father

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Joseph Aloba has that a DNA test be performed on his grandson before the burial of the late Nigerian musician Illerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad.

A few days after his burial, Mohbad’s body was unearthed for an autopsy in response to public demands for a probe into his unusual death, as reported by LEAKNEWS.

Word on the street is that the late singer’s autopsy came up empty-handed when it came to determining what killed him.

There has been an outcry to bury him ever since the autopsy failed.

In response, Mr. Aloba recently made a public statement to TVC, stating that he will not allow his son’s remains to be laid to rest unless his grandson Liam’s paternity is determined by a DNA test.

“I must conduct the DNA analysis on Mohbad’s son prior to the funeral,” he stated.

I also have my doubts about the paternity of Mohbad’s son. On occasion, she [Mohbad’s wife] will sneak out of the house for three days without her husband’s permission.

“When Mohbad was alive, we were friends,” Aloba claimed in response to claims that he is attempting to inherit Mohbad’s holdings while dressed like Mohbad. He would also buy clothing for me if he were to shop for himself.

I had avoided visiting his home ever since he passed away. Never in my life have I needed to go there. However, due to several misunderstandings, people now accuse Mohbad of owning whatever garment I wear. Does it really matter whether it’s my son’s signature? “I also own my own clothes,” I said.

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