A plea for immediate action from the NDLEA and Delta First Dady on drug abuse

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Efforts should be made by all parties involved to eradicate drug misuse from Delta State, according to Deaconess Tobore Oborevwori, the wife of the governor.

While hosting officers from the Delta State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Asaba, she made the plea in response to growing reports of drug addiction in the state, expressing her deep concern that parents are losing their children to this threat.

There has been a disturbing uptick in drug misuse, the First Lady said, highlighting the negative impact on young people.

The alarming prevalence of drug usage in our culture is systematically claiming lives one by one.

The fact that many women turn to substance misuse as a crutch when they’re feeling overwhelmed by social and emotional demands is deeply concerning.

Drug addiction is a silent killer; we must all work together to bring attention to the facts on the ground and discover solutions to stop it, regardless of why individuals use it.

Our children are slipping away from us as a result of this threat. You can tell something is wrong with them simply by looking at them on the streets; if we do nothing now, we will have even bigger problems to deal with soon.

“We, the people of this state, are fully committed to seeing this through, and we are relying on the appropriate authorities and individuals, particularly mothers, to step up and do their part,” she said.

Mrs. Oborevwori has pledged to work closely with the agency to help bring drug usage in the state to an all-time low.

The delegation’s head, Commander of Narcotics and the agency’s state commander, Abubakar Wada, addressed the rising tide of drug misuse in his speech.

We have realized that these medicines are easy to abuse because of their availability, and our organization has done a good job of reducing their circulation. We have 261 cases outstanding, 96 records of conviction, and 62 charges pressed between January and April,” he stated.

Among the many factors he cited as contributing to youth drug misuse, he singled out unemployment.

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