“While we were married, my wife became pregnant for someone else.” A song by Harrysong

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According to Harrysong, a Nigerian musician, his now-ex-wife Alexer Peres Harry was pregnant when they were married.

He bemoaned the fact that he had married into an incestuous household.

According to the musician, he learned that another guy was to blame when his ex-wife told him she was pregnant a year after they stopped having sexual relations.

This woman is still cheating on her spouse, even though she recently married her seventh or sixth husband,” Harrysong remarked during a recent Instagram live session. I wed into a family like that.

After nearly a year of not having sexual relations with my wife, she came to tell me that she was pregnant. While we were married, she became pregnant for someone else.

I only asked her to go back to her family. Because I was in the dark about her true identity, I needed space to get to know her.

People told me she was a devout Christian who was devoted, modest, and fearful of God, so I married her.

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