Despite his supposedly insane personality, Burna Boy tackles the music industry with a sense of discipline – Baba Fryo

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According to veteran Nigerian musician Baba Fryo, Burna Boy maintains a level head when it comes to the music industry, despite claims to the contrary.

The ‘Denge Pose’ singer praised Burna Boy for consistently acknowledging his influences during an appearance on the ‘Hoha’ podcast.

But he scolded Ruger for “copying” his eyepatch look without giving him credit.

Additionally, he was not happy when Bella Shmurda sampled his music without properly attributing it.

Ruder stole my eyepatch style without asking for my permission, Baba Fryo remarked. I once came across an interview of his on Facebook, in which he claimed that a confrontation with a soldier had served as an inspiration.

I felt let down. “Africa!” I soliloquized. African-Americans will never offer proper recognition.

I was surprised when Burna Boy included my name and the song “Denge Pose” in his music, despite the fact that many people thought he was insane. My name was brought up, and he understood why. And yet, many claim he’s insane. Although he is referred to as an extraterrestrial, he consistently acts morally.

I granted my OK when Adekunle Gold’s team contacted me about sampling my music. However, there are some members of the current artistic generation who hold the belief that the original artists who inspired them would not be able to reap the benefits of their success if they speak their minds after they become famous.

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