“Nigerian artists need to master the art of creating profound music.” The Hustlers of Ajebo

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Nigerian musicians, according to the famous Ajebo Hustlers, need to master the art of creating “great music with depth.”

The pair went on to say that Omah Lay is a good example for other Nigerian artists who lack perspective.

According to what Ajebo Hustlers commented on their X account, “Y’all need to learn how to make great music with depth!!” Become an Omah Lay follower! Imagine Omah Lay hopping on this album; what would he say? You all just don’t get it! That is very dull and you guys don’t have a clue what to speak about!

On the other hand, they did concede that some brilliant performers are “dumbing down” their imaginative abilities in order to win over audiences, who apparently enjoy mediocrity.

To stay relevant, real artists are attempting to appear stupid. Because love is greater than mediocrity, they wrote.

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