The late Tagbo was a lawful spouse of Caroline Danjuma, according to singer Oritsefemi

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Carolyna Hutchings, or Caroline Danjuma, was formally wed to Tagbo Umeike, a friend and colleague of Davido’s, according to popular musician Oritsefemi.

He claims that Nabila Fash, his estranged wife, forced him to marry her after Caroline advised her to do so after her marriage to Tagbo, even though he had no interest in doing so.

“I told my ex-wife that I only need a baby boy,” Oritsefemi revealed in an open conversation with Chude Jideonwo. Our agreement was that. Marrying her was never in my plans.

Introducing Caroline Danjuma. Caroline had a court wedding with Tagbo, who had passed away. She informed Nabila after the ceremony that she had wed Tagbo and begged her to arrange for my marriage to her.

Caroline was the one who suggested that Nabila wed me. According to her, Nabila’s success hinged on me, and I am a rough diamond. It ended there. I accepted her marriage proposal after she told me she had suffered through three miscarriages when I was pregnant with her.

As previously reported by LEAKNEWS, Tagbo passed away on October 3, 2017, his birthday, allegedly while celebrating with pals like Davido.

On his popular song “Fia,” Davido urged Caroline Danjuma to “save your drama” after she confronted him online about his death. Davido then denied the claims.

Subsequently, an autopsy found that alcohol had a significant role in Tagbo’s demise.

Based on the results, it was determined that he had ingested substances that may cause hypothermia and death.

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