Premier League: Rio Ferdinand warns ‘world class’ African star that he has been mistreated

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Rio Ferdinand, a veteran at Manchester United, has pondered the season’s disproportionate contempt towards Mohamed Salah.

Salah has been criticised for his recent performances, but the former Red Devil supported him.

The Egyptian attacker had scored twice in eight Premier League games before to last weekend’s 4-2 loss to Tottenham Hotspur for Liverpool.

He got embroiled in a fight with Reds’ coach, Jurgen Klopp, and scored both penalty goals in their 2-2 draw with West Ham United.

According to Ferdinand, the striker is underappreciated despite all of Liverpool’s success this season.

On Vibe with Five, he said, “May I provide some commentary regarding Mo Salah?” People have been talking about him, caning him, and making remarks about him, so I feel like he’s been mistreated.

But I don’t believe anyone can deny that Mo Salah has been a world-class player for a long time.

Perhaps he hasn’t been as good this season, but he was truly exceptional at his prime at Liverpool.

His injury was the deciding factor in Real Madrid’s Champions League final victory. Liverpool had been the better team up until he got hurt. Everything shifted the moment he stepped off the field.

I don’t see why his stats are so out of control. Mo Salah has been treated with such contempt, it’s shocking.

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