Instead of “facing” the government, Yemi Alade says Nigerians should take a stand in the Afrobeat war

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Nigerian pop star Yemi Alade has spoken out against the country’s deteriorating economy.

The rising expense of living, inclement weather, and gasoline pump costs were among her grievances.

The ‘Johnny’ singer called out several Nigerians for taking sides in the online feud between famous people rather than calling on the government to improve their living conditions.

Alade posted a 400% rise in electricity charges and petrol prices on her X handle. A dollar is dancing with a naira. The temperature is intolerably high.

Daily price hikes are just one more way that people are being cruel to one another.

No salary increases have taken place. Instead of standing up to our government, you’re taking a side, and Afrobeat artists are to blame for the chaos.

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