‘I will stop performing if someone can verify that I have a hidden daughter,’ Drake said

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If anyone can establish that Drake has a hidden daughter, the embattled musician has threatened to quit rapping.

In his diss tune “Meet The Grahams,” Kendrick Lamar claimed that Drizzy had a hidden daughter who is 11 years old.

The Canadian was referred to as a “deadbeat” by him since he failed to be involved in the lives of his “hidden daughter.”

According to popular American media personality Akademiks, Drake denied the claims in a chat with him, threatening to leave music and join his team if anybody could show that he had a hidden daughter.

“Drake hit [textted] me, he said, ‘Ak, if you or anybody can prove that I have an 11-year-old daughter, I’ll quit rapping and come work for you.'” Akademiks claimed on Saturday night’s program.

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