According to Dad, Mohbad told his son he only slept with Wunmi once and rejected him

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Illerioluwa Aloba’s (Mohbad) father, Joseph Aloba, has said that his late son Liam was rejected by the singer in the years leading up to his death.

According to a video that has recently gone viral on X, he made the assertion that his late son informed him that he had only had one sexual encounter with Wunmi prior to her informing him about Liam’s pregnancy.

“Before I arrived at his house, they shaved my late son’s hair,” he added in Yoruba. It is a lie to suggest that my son did not reject Liam. He said that his one sexual encounter with Wunmi resulted in her becoming pregnant.

After the rapper’s untimely death, Aloba has been demanding that Liam undergo a DNA test to determine his biological father.

According to LEAKNEWS, Wunmi has stated that she is no longer amenable to having a DNA test done on Liam, despite her earlier approval of such a test for her kid.

According to her, no one other than her late spouse may legally ask her for a DNA sample.

Wunmi said that Mohbad was the sole male in her life and that he disvirgined her.

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