The role of majority leader in the Nasarawa House of Assembly is once again causing tension

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With Suleiman Yakubu Azara of the All Progressives Congress (APC) representing the Awe South constituency in his current role as Majority Leader, a possible leadership crisis is developing in the Nasarawa State House of Assembly.

Problems arose when Adamu Omadefu, an APC lawmaker for the Keana seat, was replaced in that role.

In November 2023, the Court of Appeal ordered a rerun in five voting units in the Agaza ward of the seat after declaring Omadefu’s election to the 7th Assembly inconclusive.

After the rerun election that was overseen by INEC, Omadefu was sworn in for a second term as the elected official.

Nevertheless, there are APC members who, according to rumors, have the support of a former assembly speaker, are pressuring Azara to step down as Majority Leader, stating that the role had been allocated to the Keana constituency.

The stakeholders have vowed, with the backing of a small number of Assembly members, to force a change in leadership in the event that their demand is not satisfied.

As a result of Ibrahim Abdullahi Balarabe’s dismissal for election misconduct, they claimed that the present Speaker, Danladi Jatau of the Kokona West seat, had broken an agreement that had put him in office.

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