Premier League: Benni McCarthy on why Sancho failed to express regret to Ten Hag

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After Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag had a falling out, McCarthy, an assistant coach at Manchester United, explained why Sancho would not apologize to ten Hag.

Ten Hag’s public criticism of Sancho’s training efforts strained their friendship.

He was later loaned out to Borussia Dortmund after being kicked out of the first team.

In an interview with 947 Joburg, McCarthy discussed the latest development, saying: “I spoke to the manager and I said to him that you know the delicacy and I think Jadon [Sancho] feels that if he apologizes, then he is going to be classed as someone who doesn’t train hard, that doesn’t work hard, who everything that was said against him was true.”

No one wants to apologize if you’re from the streets; you’re lazy, you don’t practice properly, and you’re accused of everything. Jadon would not abide by that. “All I want is an apology,” the manager stated.

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