“People see influencers as individuals without jobs.” – BBNaija, Anto Lecky!

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According to actress and Big Brother Naija reality star Munirat Antoinette Lecky, many people look down on social media influencers.

According to her, most people see influencers as “jobless human beings.”

During his latest social media outburst, legendary music boss Don Jazzy was referred to the musician Wizkid as an average “influencer”; Anto Lecky responded to this on ADBN TV.

Based on what I’ve seen in the press, I do assume that his use of the work influencer was supposed to be perceived adversely, but I don’t know the exact details of the matter,” she added.

What was his purpose, really? I’m not sure. Many people view influencers as those who are unable to secure gainful employment. A lot of people think, “This one, with her degree, she got nowhere in the job market and now she’s dancing on Instagram.” For the most part, that’s how people perceive you as an influencer.

The name “influencer” has come to connote “this one no get work,” which is why many nowadays strive to brand themselves as “lifestyle influencers” or “fashion influencers.”

Because of this, you must now profile it. As an example, I often refer to myself as a social influencer; I am active in the social sphere, which includes more than simply social media due to my extensive grassroots work. Therefore, I prefer the term “social advocacy influencer” if I must be referred to as an influencer.

I included that one since I’m aware that influencers frequently feel that they’re lacking in positive attributes.

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