United midfielder Carragher slammed by Carragher: “Go to Saudi Arabia or Major League Soccer”

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Liverpool great Jamie Carragher wasted no time ripping into Manchester United star Casemiro after the Red Devils’ 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

Casemiro had a dreadful performance while playing center defense and carrying the captain’s armband in Bruno Fernandes’ absence. He was directly implicated in two goals scored by Palace.

Casemiro should retire soon, according to Carragher, who made the suggestion during Monday Night Football. Carragher also urged Casemiro to acknowledge his deteriorating form and think about other options, such as transferring to the Major League Soccer or the Saudi league.

He highlighted Casemiro’s essential position among players like Kroos and Modric, emphasizing his standing as a once-great midfielder, but he also hinted that his time at the highest level may be coming to an end.

I told him at halftime that he had to substitute Casemiro, Carragher stated.

I know he has youth on the bench, but I really believe Casemiro—and I mean this very seriously—should recognize himself tonight as an experienced player.

He should only have two more games at the highest level—the cup final and the following two league games—before he needs to move to the MLS or Saudi Arabia.

My tone is one of dead seriousness. Someone in his inner circle or his agency should tell him it needs to end.

With Kross and Modric on each side of him, we are witnessing one of the greatest midfielders of all time, who could easily match up with the beloved Barcelona midfield that we are all familiar with,” he continued.

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