Spain coach De la Fuente picks four nations to win Euro 2024

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Luis de la Fuente, head coach of the Spanish national team, has expressed his belief that his country is one of four strong candidates for the 2024 European Championship, along with England, France, and Germany.

After next weekend’s Champions League final, attention will turn to the 2023–24 European Championship, which will begin in Germany on June 14.

France, the runner-up from the World Cup, Germany, the hosts, Gareth Southgate’s England, and Portugal, the winners from 2016, are among the early favorites for the championship.

Spain has a tough group that includes the defending champions, Croatia, and Albania, but De la Fuente is optimistic about his team’s chances of competing at the highest level.

“In terms of my favorite, number one,” the Spain leader remarked while speaking with Movistar Plus.

We are not below anyone; rather, we are engaged in a contest.

Surely everyone agrees that France, Portugal, and England are tops. However, we vary from them.

“We may lack some superstars on an individual level, but we make up for it with our superior team play.”

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