Paul Merson’s FA Cup final score prediction: Man City vs. Manchester United: No chance

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Manchester City will face Manchester United in today’s FA Cup final, and Arsenal veteran Paul Merson has backed them to win.

At Wembley Stadium on Saturday night, Manchester City will take on Manchester United.

To this day, Merson maintains that he is “shocked” that Manchester United could come close to winning.

On the other hand, he thought Pep Guardiola’s squad will win by a 3-0 score.

“It would be absolutely astonishing if Manchester United came close to winning this match,” Merson told Sportskeeda, adding that United must score first in order to have any chance of winning the cup.

Manchester United possessed a credible counter-attacking threat a few years ago, and they beat their local rivals a few times; but, I do not give them a chance this time.

The score will be 3-0 for Manchester City over Manchester United.

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