After Tinubu’s assistant Onanuga called Obi “bitter,” Charly Boy scolded him

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As a result of Bayo Onanuga’s description of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the previous election, as “bitter,” veteran musician Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, has scolded Tinubu for his remarks.

In a tweet that ridiculed the former governor of Anambra State’s recent appearance in Canada, Onanuga used the nickname “Bitter Obi” to describe Peter Obi.

According to Charly Boy, Obi “never sponsored any form of violence against the state or government” and “such disgusting name-calling” was unwarranted in Onanuga’s behavior, which Boy described as disappointing.

His boss’s government is plagued by corruption, insecurity, hunger, poverty, and the Naira’s dismal performance in the FX market, which he emphasized to the presidential adviser.

On Monday, Charly Boy posted to his X handle: “We are saddened and disappointed at Mr. Bayo Onanuga for addressing HE Peter Obi as “Bitter Obi” Such despicable slurs against a law-abiding citizen like HE Peter Obi, who has never instigated any sort of violence against the state or government, are completely unacceptable.

Any assault on His Excellency Peter Obi is an attack on all decent Nigerians, and we are his devoted supporters. Mr. Bayo should stop criticizing Obi because it would not lead to the excellent government that Nigerians need.

“Mr. Bayo ought to direct his attention towards the depreciation of the naira, chaos, malnutrition, poverty, and the corruption that is afflicting Tinubu’s inept administration.”

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