REVEALED! See Why Smokers Will Die Before 2023

REVEALED! See Why Smokers Will Die Before 2023
By Thomspon Netblack
Smoking, a habit some have termed social or a form of pleasure has an origin as dateless as life itself.
While there have been no scientific, logical or even moral facts concrete enough to elucidate why people, essentially millennials (Persons in their mid 20s and beyond) resort to smoking, countless expert reports, data and statistics have repeatedly cautioned against its life threatening effects.
One would have thought ” Smoking kills”, ”Smokers are liable to die young”, ” Smokers are liable to have cancer” and a variety of other warnings elegantly conveyed by different brands surprisingly even cigarettes and tobacco brands would be more than emerging enough to curb or essentially terminate the alarming rise of smoking in our societies.


However, the million dollar question is “Why do people smoke excessively when the dangers are clear enough?” It is even safe to enquire if these persons have some form of immunity against death, cancer and crumbling effects of smoking.
Several health experts including the World Health Organisation, Dormeter and a host of others have sent warnings, sustaining smoking has diverse consequences and poses damage to the entire body system; the lungs, heart, tongue, lips…….. The life span of an average smoker has a bold question mark on it; this is an undebatable fact proven overtime by world health reports.
Smokers may say, ” I did not die last year or the year before that. What proof is there that I will die this year?” Some have even opined the loud warnings about the dangers of smoking might just be a ruse or propaganda to scare people or create some form of moral standard.
Others have claimed religious sects or moralists are behind the championing of these warnings.
These opinions, however do not negate the deadly effects of smoking.
Smokers might just die this year if they do not see the need to heed to these warnings.

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