Secrets of Akan Udofia Exposed

To all our brothers in Akwa Ibom State that are worried about Akwa Ibom APC not going to file any Candidate for 2023 election, thinking what they don’t know about Akan Udofia, know this and have Peace.
Do you know that Akanimo Udofia AKA Ak-Prosperity as he is fondly called has been an APC member since 2015.
He supported Buhari’s Emergence 100%.
He has been a friend of the wealthiest Northerners for decades now.
What you saw Akan Udofia displaying in PDP was just a Camouflage. The idea was to try PDP since Akwa Ibom State is a PDP state and since he has always been supporting Akwa Ibom State Government and the Governors from inception of democracy in Nigeria with his more Money, so he thought Governor Udom will choose him as his successor.
But another beautiful thing about him was that you never knew Ak-Prosperity had a Plan B, which was going back to his original National Party APC with the condition that the Governor will refuse to give all PDP Aspirants a level playing field but rather will supports someone else, which is exactly as the permutation was done.
Akan Udofia’s Emergence today is not a surprise to some but only to those that doesn’t know that the result is a well calculated Plan B. Infact, He is an older APC member than PDP, which he joined last year. He is not only a wealthy man but also a good politician looking at his permutation. Don’t call it lies but political strategy – Pol 351, University of Uyo🤣.
So next time you worry yourself about Akanimo Udofia’s success in Gubernatorial 2023 APC Candidate, worry no more but choose wisely who will be your next Governor 2023, because if you miss the right choice again you will remain out of Government for another 8 years🤣.

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