Why Umo Eno is Best Among all Others

Why Umo Eno is Best Among all Others

Every good, conscientious Akwa Ibom person should be able to define the kind of leader he/she wants, having benefited from the prevailing peace and the economic development of our dear State. I believe strongly that placing the contenders side by side, Umo Eno happens to fit into my kind of leader.

My reasons are:

* He fears God. He is someone who steadily grooms his faith through the thick and thin, sees the storm, faces it and comes out victorious. He will likewise lead the state to overcome many challenges.

* He has good character. Pst Umo Eno is naturally humble, respectful, focused and doesn’t keep offences. This is attitudes of a great leader.

* He is not an opportunist, but a man well made and processed for leadership.

* He is not easily distracted. Despite the tornado of attacks on his person, he is still focused on what is ahead of him. He is the kind of leader Akwa Ibom needs now.

* He has excellent human relations. Pst Umo Eno doesn’t struggle to flow with his workers. He understands them and have their interest at heart. He will do same to Akwa Ibom people.

* He is not boastful. Many politicians say what they know they cannot deliver if given the opportunity. But Umo Eno is one who doesn’t brag. He says what he can do.

* He is a successful businessman. If he could manage his business from scratch, he will be able to manage the state without fail.

*Pst Umo Eno doesn’t discriminate. He flows with the elders, youths, women and men without discrimination. Some aspirants can only flow with a certain classes or groups, but Eno is for all.

* He has been building People all his life. As a pastor and businessman, he has successfully built his members spiritually and economically.

* He is a graduate of political administration: He understands the science of politics and administration.

* He doesn’t belong to any cabal. He will take power from the centre and give to the common man, the nobody will feel a sense of belonging in his government.

* He has worked in both private and public sectors and has never been found wanting. He has a clean record in both private and public lives

* He is a man of prayer. Every successful man you see submits and gets wisdom from a supreme being. Umo Eno gets wisdom from God and always seeks Him for direction.

*He shall sustain the peace and development Governor Udom Emmanuel has to brought into the State.

* Umo Eno is homegrown. He has spent a greater percentage of his working life in the state, and understands what Akwa Ibom people need.

He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He understands when people are suffering, and what it takes to overcome it. He will teach the people how to overcome poverty. His focus will be wealth creation.

©️Rev’d Richard Peters

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