Uyo Politics and the Pregnant Mermaid

Uyo Politics and the Pregnant Mermaid


I saw a pregnant mermaid. She gave birth to triplets. The Mermaids name isn’t Ukana Offot, Awa Itam nor Odu Oku.

If you mention Uruan Inyang Atakpo, Akpasima Ibesikpo or Anyan Nsit na your toror be that.

If you truly believe my claim of seeing a pregnant ‘mamaiwota’ then you should believe the incendiary but ridiculous tale about Uyo’s leading lights making the rounds on the media.

An unintelligent fictional slander presented as news purports that, the trio of Prince Enobong Uwah, Rt Hon. Monday Eyo and Hon. Anietie Eka administered fetish oaths known in local parlance as Mbiam to delegate’s of Uyo extraction.

If you don’t know them, Enobong Hammer Uwah is the Chairman of Uyo Capital City Development Authority, Eyo a.k.a Murray is the Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Local Government Service Commission and Eka is the Member representing Uyo State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

All three illustrious sons of Uyo have irrevocably committed to supporting Pastor Umo Eno, the leading Governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

That’s the decision that feeds the mudslings from disgruntled opponents.

The intendment of the slanderous report is politically motivated blackmail and the misguided purveyors of the false report are grinning now because their crafty enterprise didn’t fly.

It was dead on arrival and the good people of Uyo in particular and Akwa Ibom at large poo-pooed their antics and concucted story.

Unworthy of serious consideration, Prince Uwah, Rt. Hon. Eyo and Rt Hon. Anietie Eka have ignored them and won’t be distracted.

Uwah, the Political Leader of Uyo is a decent man. So is Murray a Man of honour and Anietie Eka graced with integrity.

Associating them with the unholy mess of ‘Mbiam’ is as laughable as one claiming he saw a pregnant Sea godess.

Blackmail will not win the Party Primaries or the general elections. Know this and have peace.

Time will announce the eclipse of these traducers. Let’s buy time and peace will win.

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