“The reason I no longer want to date actors” — Emma Roberts

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Emma Roberts, an American actress, has been candid about her failed romances with Cody John and Garrett Hedlund, her coworkers.

Less than a year after her breakup with Hedlund in 2022, Roberts began dating John, but their relationship quickly fell apart.

Roberts said she no longer wants to date other actors in a recent interview with Flaunt.

She clarified that a love connection between two performers is difficult.

“I believe that two actors find it difficult to be together. She remarked, “I’m trying to consider if I’ve seen it done well.

Furthermore, the actors I’ve worked with have almost all become method actors, which makes it very difficult for me to be in a relationship with them, especially considering the roles they were portraying.

“After the curtain came down, I had no desire to date actors.”

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