The Bauchi government is concerned about the illicit felling of trees to produce charcoal

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Despite current regulations that forbid such activities, the Bauchi State Government has voiced alarm over the indiscriminate destruction of trees for the manufacturing of charcoal.

voicing concerns about the development Commissioner for Housing and ecology Danlami Ahmed Kawule bemoaned during a state ministerial press briefing on Wednesday that the state’s ecology might deteriorate and become desertified if unlawful tree cutting is done without planting replacement seedlings.

He claims that the government has announced an intervention to recover the ecosystem by making sure that tree seedlings are planted around the state in an effort to slow down the trend.

In the State Secretariat Conference Hall, he was giving a paper on the accomplishments of his ministry when he said.

Kawule revealed that in an effort to reduce the illicit cutting of trees for the manufacturing of charcoal, the government will soon provide 500,000 efficient energy cooking stoves to state inhabitants.

In order to mitigate the negative impacts of cooking with firewood and charcoal, such as desertification, health risks, and pollution to the environment, he said, the state is offering assistance to its citizens by manufacturing energy-efficient cooking stoves and briquettes.

He criticized the lack of knowledge about the creation and application of briquettes as a substitute for firewood and charcoal, emphasizing that this ignorance has also contributed to the continuous use of these fuels for cooking, which in turn has resulted in emissions, deforestation, and other health risks related to the smoke released fromtheir application.

The commissioner went on to say that the ministry has been holding awareness campaigns to teach the people of the state the value of planting trees and seeing them through to maturity.

The State Project Coordinator of Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes, or ACReSAL, Dr. Ibrahim Kabir, stated in his submission that the intervention’s goal is to minimize the amount of firewood and charcoal produced for cooking.

He clarified that 3,000 energy-efficient stoves will be introduced first as part of a trial program, with the impact being tracked for three months.

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